More than just a restful getaway.


Newsroom Suites is more than a comfortable retreat – it's situated in the lively lakeside village of Wellingtonsteps away from sumptuous dining, eclectic entertainment,  exquisite art and compelling history. Just beyond the village of Hillier many and varied vineyards beckon.



Fine dining

east and main bistro

Kimberly and David want the memory of the best in local fare to bring you back to Prince Edward County. Their idea: provide luxury comfort food, but use fresh local ingredients with perfect service that never intrudes upon the camaraderie of good friends. Wellington offered the natural intersection for wine, produce and country casual.


Enid Grace 

Start your day in Prince Edward County in indulgent comfort with buttery, almond crusted croissant and espresso at Enid Grace Cafe, just steps away from Newsroom Suites. Just one of dozens of fresh baked good made daily. A welcoming place to put your feet up and watch the world go by.  Open daily at 7 a.m.




Pomodoro Trattoria celebrates rustic Italian food in a casual, fun atmosphere. Situated in a historic building on Main Street Wellington specializing in pastas and other classic Italian fare. Join Chef Lili Sullivan in an exploration of Italian warmth and hospitality.

Wine bar

The stache

Fine print and art gallery by day the Stache transforms when the sun goes down into an elegant wine bar featuring an eclectic array of performances in an intimate setting.